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December 6, 2006

To be Healthy is not Expensive

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This morning I received a very sad news. One of my closest friend is sick with lymphatic cancer.

It is sad for me, to know that amidst my personal effort to assist many people to get back in life’s right track after severe health problems, someone dear to me missed my attention.

Surely, I immediately called him and extend my support for him and talked him into a change of lifestyle and eating habits. I am happy that at least he is willing to follow my advice.

True. To be healthy is as simple as changing your lifestyle. More and more research recently proved that most cases of cancer have been caused by bad eating habits and lifestyle. Lack of nutrients, loss of sleep, large amounts of dangerous food additivies and chemical substances poured into our bodies have turned our body metabolism upside down.

It is comparable to having a nice car with a need for premium gasoline but we fill it with diesel. You can imagine what destruction we are causing it.

Such is the destruction that we all are doing to our bodies.

We need the 4 elements of nutrients for our bodies DAILY to be able to perform well:
1. Vitamins (contained mostly in fruits)
2. Minerals (contained mostly in vegetables)
3. Carbohydrates
4. Protein

However, the bulk of our daily food consists of carbohydrates and proteins, We mostly neglect the fact that it is vegetables and fruits that regulates our metabolism.

Now, let’s return to our mother earth. Integrate as much fruits and vegetables to your daily food as possible, and reduce consumption of proteins. Our need for proteins is not as much as it is advertised.

And sleep more and better. Reduce your time of staying up at night. Rest is as important as nutrition.

A change of lifestyle is all we need. Look up my explanation on how to do it at


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